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 Building a locost lotus 7 replica in the USA   






After reading Ron Champion's book, I created this page to serve as a resource for Locost sportscar builders here in the USA and vicinity. I recently began doing some research into building my own Lotus 7 replica and quickly found that there were many informative pages out there but most were for builders in the UK. I launched this site specifically to help those of us here in the USA gather information and share ideas for our builds using parts available here. There is a terrific Yahoo Group for North American builders which has some great info and this site is here to suppliment that resource, not replace it. That group has been around for years and has a great depth of knowledge. If you haven't already you should join up there.

I encourage you to register for our forums, start a thread and get some discussions started. If you have built a Locost style car, or are building one and have a webpage devoted to the build please click the link on the left and send me the url. I will gladly link to your site. Don't forget to post a thread to the forums and tell us all about it. For some quality info on what folks are doing across the pond visit


Desc: Building a locost lotus 7 replica in the USA
Category: Kit Cars and Replicas\ Locost

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