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 Fiberfab Avenger GT12, Fiberfab Avenger GT15, and Fiberfab Valkyrie   






I became aware of Fiberfab in the late '60's. I was a teenager, and what I wanted more than anything else, was a Meyers Manx dune buggy. I devoured any literature I could find on the Manx and cars like it. It one of the early issues of Dune Buggies and Hot VWs Magazine, I saw an article on a car called Valkyrie, made by Fiberfab. The world would never be the same. Here was a tubular space frame chassis, carrying the worlds best motor ( a 427 Chevy ), mated to a 5 speed ZF Transaxle, and wrapped with the most beautiful lightweight body since God made Eve. It was then that I discovered the meaning of the word "lust". The car had Hurst-Airheart disc brakes at all four corners, augmented by a drag chute "for primary braking at speed in excess of 140 M.P.H." (it was speculated that the car could go perhaps 200 M.P.H., got a ticket in Nevada for 180 M.P.H.) There was only one thing wrong with the car, it cost $12,500! That doesn't sound like that much now, but to a teenage boy in the sixties, it might as well have been a million dollars. Note: In an ad dated October 1966, a Valkryie was said to have a a rear engine V8, 427 with 450 H.P., a 5 speed transmission, a parachute,and go 180 MPH. Cost? a mere $10,000.

I never fell out of love with that car. The internet came along years later, and through the power of eBay, I found an Avenger, a visual near twin of the Valkyrie, also made by Fiberfab, but with much more modest running gear. Armed with a mid-life crisis and a tax refund, I sniped and won the bid, and drove 3000 miles ( round trip ) to bring my baby home, my fantasy realized (more or less) after 33 years. I know the car is a sore spot with my wife, and I'm sure that I am not alone in this respect with other kit car owners, but she really is sweet about it, hardly ever says a thing.

Once I became an owner, I wanted to find out more about the car. I Became frustrated by a lack of good coherent information on these cars, I decided to start this website. At one time I was invited in to an owners only newsgroup on these cars, which really did have some good info. This site, however serves a somewhat different purpose. Many people want info on these cars, but do not yet own one.

Since starting this site I have had some correspondences and a long conversation with a nice gentleman named Noel Johnson, who was an early employee of Fiberfab and the last General Manager (and part owner) of it's manufacturing facility. I hope to, with his help, chronicle the history of the Avenger and Valkyrie, and because I can, some of the historical information about other aspects of Fiberfab.

What follows is an historical outline, some of the details may be a bit off, but I'll try to improve the accuracy through future interviews with Mr. Johnson, and any other source material I might come across.

Fiberfab began in 1964. There was a two seat fiberglas sportscar known as the Devin, a neat little car, but one which required considerable work to make it "seamless with it's chassis. The car was not made by Fiberab, but Fiberfabs founder, Bud Goodwin, liked the concept and some of it's features.


Desc: Fiberfab Avenger GT12, Fiberfab Avenger GT15, and Fiberfab Valkyrie
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