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I've recently finished building a Cobra kit car. The kit I chose to use was from RUCC (RU Car Crafters where "RU" is Roger Upton). They build a backbone chassis 427SC kit. I dropped in a 428SCJ. I built two separate "kits" - the drive train, which included the 428SCJ and a toploader transmission, and the Cobra itself. I've not yet found another site detailing the RUCC kit, so I hope to do what others have done for Factory Five and Lone Star kits - give a detailed blow-by-blow diary of the construction. I've taken a trip to visit RUCC and have a page dedicated to that visit with some details of the RUCC operation. Enjoy your visit.

The 428SCJ build
Short Block assembly
Long Block assembly
Mounting the tranny
Rebuilding the Transmission
The Cobra build
Picking up the kit
Prepping the body
The chassis build
Driver controls: Steering, Clutch, Pedals
Installing the drive train
Wiring harness and electrical system
Fuel delivery system
Engine plumbing: water, oil
Interior work
Miscellaneous assemblies
Trimming out the car
Painting the Cobra
Final Assembly
Obtaining a title
Recent additions to this web site:
Painting the Cobra

Some updates to the Roll Bar. In particular, I've glassed in a "weather seal" where the roll bar passes through the side wall of the trunk.
Adding an emergency brake (scroll down the left side after you follow this link)
Information on rear-caliper clearances with 15" wheels.

The visit to RUCC
Want to know more about the RUCC kit? Visit the RUCC web site or see my copy of the RUCC Flyer This contains information on the RUCC kit contents, packages and pricing (check with RUCC for the latest pricing and package information).

Desc: RAW's Cobra Kit Car
  RAW's home page with firearms related shareware (exterior ballistics, image-based group size calculator), geneological information, and miscellaneous...
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