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Car Wars Introduces Smart Transfer to Enhance the Automotive Industry s Customer Service
8th January, 2018

DALLAS - January 05, 2018 - It is annoying and time consuming, yet happens often: callers to your dealership are routed to a sales agents cell phone but need to speak with a different department.

Imagine Shopper Sally. She just purchased a vehicle from your dealership and now has a question for the finance department. She naturally dials the same phone number she has been using all along. Unfortunately, that number is sales agent Joe s cell phone. He receives the call but can not transfer Sally to finance.

Before Car Wars latest feature, Smart Transfer, there was nothing the sales agent could do to assist this customer than to have her hang up and call an entirely separate number. While an increasing number of dealer calls are going to agents cell phones, these devices do not allow for a quick transfer to the receptionist as desk phones do.

Car Wars suite of artificial intelligence products, Cari, solves for this issue plaguing the automotive industry through her Smart Transfer feature. With Smart Transfer enabled, Shopper Sally would never have to waste her time by hanging up to make an additional call.

Instead, sales agent Joe would simply enter a three-digit customizable code on his cell phone that rings back to a central place at the dealership, such as the receptionist. Joe would then verify the receptionist has answered, telling him or her that he has a caller on the line needing the finance department, and the receptionist would connect to Shopper Sally. If the receptionist doesn’t pick up the phone, the sales agent would be able to get back to Sally, rather than dumping her to a voicemail.

“Transfers to a mobile device are commonplace at a dealership,” said Mike Haeg, Car Wars Vice President of Automotive. “Car Wars easily helps boost the customer experience by getting callers routed back to the store without having to make them call back -- a practice that drastically wastes both the caller s and agent s time.”

Smart Transfer is just one of the many Cari features that improve the customer experience, expedite the sales process, and ensure dealers are CRISP on the phone.

About Car Wars

Car Wars trained human reviewers listen to and categorize every inbound and outbound call at the dealership. This data provides managers insight into how every call is handled, alerts them when an opportunity needs attention, and actively improves phone performance in sales and service.

Car Wars uses competition and transparent accountability to create a high-powered phone culture that converts more phone calls into booked appointments.


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