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The Amazon of Classic Cars, Worldwide Vintage Autos is Giving Away a 1932 Ford Roadster
22nd August, 2016

Denver, CO - August 22, 2016 - Often referred to as “the Amazon for classic cars”, Worldwide Vintage Autos (WWVA) has helped change the way collectible cars and trucks are sold online. To celebrate their five year anniversary, WWVA is giving away a one of their rarest cars, a 1932 Ford Roadster, as a thank you to their customers.

“Our fans have given us so much over the past five years, and we want to give back,” says co-founder Alex Prinster, “What better way than to give one of our favorite cars away for free?”

Started by four friends, each with their own taste in classic cars, what set WWVA apart from the competition when they opened their doors in 2011 was an expansive online presence, with customers able to browse, explore, and purchase the classic vehicle of their choice from the comfort of their own home, delivery included.

“Everything else you buy online can be done simply, with a few clicks,” Prinster explains, “We saw no reason that vintage cars should be any different.”

Most of the business is done over the phone or online, and WWVA works diligently to make the buying process as smooth, unobtrusive, and simple as possible. Their team of car experts work very closely with clients, providing detailed images, documentation, and videos of each car. Interested individuals can request a live virtual tour of the car or truck, exploring every nook and cranny as if they were in person. Once the sale has been made, WWVA even delivers.

“Our classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles have been delivered to collectors right around the block and as far away as Asia,” says Prinster, “And the process is the same for everyone. Why make it difficult to get the car you want?”

For those that are more hands on, WWVA also has a massive warehouse in Denver, Colorado that houses two-hundred unique vehicles at any given time. Clients can make an appointment with WWVA to visit the warehouse, view the autos first hand, and test drive any of the available vehicles. In fact, their warehouse is overflowing with classic cars, so much so that they are professionally stacked two high on car lifts in order to fit each and every unique piece.

WWVA was formed by four car enthusiasts who wanted to share their joy of vintage autos with the masses. By focusing on unparalleled electronic customer service they have made it possible for even the most reserved collector to purchase the vehicle they have always wanted. Despite being less than five years old, their company is now one of the largest vintage automobile dealerships world.

“I know we always hoped, but five years ago, we would have never have imagined this level of success,” Prinster acknowledges, “We owe everything to our customers. Giving the Roadster away is the least that we can do to show how thankful we are.”

To celebrate their past five years, WWVA is giving away a 1932 Ford Roadster. This yellow engineering marvel will be handed over to its new owner after a drawing held on Labor Day, 2016 (Monday, September 5th).


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