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New at Summit Racing Equipment: Racepak Data Recorders
13th July, 2016

Tallmadge, OH - July 13, 2016 - Summit Racing now carries Racepak Data Recorders for racing and street use. Now anyone with a high performance car can see how their vehicle is doing and use that data to improve its performance.

Sportsman Series Data Recorder
The Sportsman Series gives sportsman racers the ability to log, download, and study the vehicle performance just like pro racers do. In base form, the Sportsman can record engine rpm, battery voltage, acceleration G-force and lateral G-force at up to 100 samples per second. After a pass, simply pull the SD memory card out of the recorder, plug it into your laptop, and access the information with the included DataLink software.

Recording other vehicle functions is as easy as adding the appropriate Racepak V-Net sensors. The sensors plug into the Sportsman recorder—no complicated wiring or setup required. The Sportsman data recorder can handle up to six V-Net sensor channels, and can be upgraded to process a maximum of 18 channels using a Racepak two- or four-channel module.

IQ3 Data Recorder
The Racepak IQ3 Data Recorders combine a 32-channel data logger, 512 MB memory card, onboard GPS, and 3-axis G-meter inside one compact unit. The GPS provides speed, lap time, and lap number information, so no wheel speed sensor is needed. A single V-Net cable provides connection to all sensors used, eliminating complex wiring. Other features include:

Records up to 100 samples per second
24 programmable sensor inputs
Programmable shift and warning lights
Information stored on removable MicroSD card—data can be downloaded to a laptop with included DataLink software
Low-glare LCD display recessed in the housing is visible in all light conditions

The IQ3 Data Recorder is available on its own or in a Drag Dash package for drag racing. The package includes the IQ3; driveshaft, oil pressure, and water temperature sensors; wiring harness; DataLink software; and MicroSD card.

Street UDX Digital Dash
The Street Dash is designed for high performance street-driven vehicles. Using a combination of vehicle sensors and sensors included in the kit. The Street UDX allows the user to display engine RPM, speedometer, odometer, water and oil temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, and fuel level. It also has programmable indicator lights for things like low oil pressure, high water temperature, turn signals, high beam, and parking brake.

The Street UDX can also display additional vehicle functions by using optional V-Net sensors and modules. Other features include:

Relay for an electric fan controller
Minimum/maximum recall function
Command center for use with a shift light
Adjustable screen lighting
Version for use with MSD Atomic EFI system

The Replay version of the Street UDX can record up to 10 minutes of data and replay it on the display. There is also a Display-Only version designed for use with a Racepak V-Net data recorder like the Sportsman Series.

Summit Racing carries other Racepak data recorders, digital dashes, V-Net sensors and cable, mounting brackets, and other accessories.


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