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This website is a collection of information on the FiberFab MiGi and MG-TD replica kits produced during the 1980's. The primary focus of this site is geared towards kits built on the Volkswagen Beetle chassis, though some (most?) of the information presented here should also apply to the Chevy Chevelle kits as well.

MG Magic, Inc.
5666 Rodman Street, #6
Hollywood, FL 33023

Mailing Address:
5722 S. Flamingo Road, #300
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33330-3206

Phone: 954-680-2010
Alt: 305-279-0654
Fax: 954-680-0122

Desc: FiberFab MG-TD/MiGi Info Site
Category: Kit Cars and Replicas\ Fiberfab

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