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 Manufacturer of armature and statar drive for car and trucks.   






We are certified ISO 9001 manufacturer& exporter of cars, and motorcycles parts and are in the trade for more than two decades. Our products range encompasses of ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC parts like Plug Caps,Indicators, Wiring Harnesses,Switches & Locks,Coils,Regulator Rectifiers, C. D.I Units, Indicator Buzzers, Flashers, Auto Bulbs etc.& RUBBER PARTS & CONTROL CABLES.

We are supplying to OEM'S like M/s Royal Enfield, M/s Hero Motors,M/S Kinetic Engineering Ltd ,M/s Scooter Inda and M/s Majestic Auto Ltd .We hereby solicit your trade inquiry for the items of your interest. For more details, kindly visit us at our website:

19, Rajasthani Udyog Nagar, G.T. Karnal Road, DELHI-110033
Ph : +91-11-27692319, +91-11-27691026,
Fax : +91-11-27691029
E-mail :

Desc: Welome to Swiss Auto......................Blubs,Blinker,plug Caps, Indicators, Wiring Harnesses, Switches & Lock
  We are Certified ISO 9001 Manufacturer for parts of Scooters and Motorcycles and in the trade for more than two decades. Our product range encompasses of Electrical & Electronics part like plug Caps, Indicators, Wiring Harnesses, Switches & Locks, Coils, Regulator Rectifiers, C.D.I Units, Indicator Buzzers, Flashers, Auto Bulbs & Rubber Parts and Control...
Category: Alternative Fuel Vehicles\ Electric
Tags: Armature - Stater Drive - Auto Blbs

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